Each RAMS workout has a specific theme; workout theme and approximate (maximum) yardage are listed on the workout calendar.

The  May, June and July workout calendars are posted below: Please note we will have practice on Sunday May 7 and 21 due to pool conflicts on the corresponding Saturdays, As usual, RIT is closed Memorial Day weekend and there will be no practices.

Other changes occur throughout June and July so check the calendars often.

May 17







 Key to Notation Used in Workouts:

“10 x 100 @ 1:30”: A set of 10 100’s, starting each one on a 1:30 interval.
“S”=Swim, “K”=Kick, “P”=Pull, “D”=Drill
“Shooter”: Kick underwater off the wall as hard and long as you can.
“Negative Split”: Swim the second half of the given distance faster than the first half.
“Descend”: Swim each repetition of the set faster than the previous one.
“Breathe 3 / 5 by 50”: For the given distance, swim the first 50 breathing every third stroke (alternate sides), the second 50 breathing every 5th stroke, repeat until done with the distance.




The workouts below are written for long course meters – GVP.  Next to each line are lane numbers.  Please select your interval below based on the lane number you swim in at MCC.  Intervals are rough estimates and may need to be adjusted depending on where you fit in your lane.

-Wear a waterproof wrist watch to keep track of your intervals since there is no pace clock at GVP.
-Mirrored goggles for outdoor swimming (especially for backstroke!)
-There are no backstroke flags at GVP.  To avoid crashing into the wall, be sure to watch for when the color on the lane line switches to a solid color.  That is where the backstroke flags would be.  Count your strokes per length on backstroke so that you have some idea when to start looking for the change of lane line color that marks where the flags would be. -Sunscreen!

LCM workout – Freestyle

WU: 600 swim  (Lanes 1-5)
500 swim (Lane 6)

Start this set using your watch, take approximately 10 seconds rest after your first slow 200 and use that time as your interval for the complete set.
6 X 200 free   slow/med/fast X 2  (Lanes 1-2)
6 X 150 free   slow/med/fast X 2  (Lanes 3-4)
3 X 200 free   slow/med/fast   (Lanes 5-6)
8 X 50 stroke, no free @1:10 (Lanes 1-2)
6 X 50 stroke, no free @1:20 (Lanes 3-4)  @1:30 (Lane 5)
4 X 50 stroke, no free @1:40 or rest 15 seconds (Lane 6)
3 X 300 pull @5:00 (Lanes 1-2)
2 X 300 pull @6:00 (Lanes 3-4)  @6:30 (Lane 5)
1 X 400 pull (Lane 6)100 EZ400 kick w/fins (Lanes 1-4)
300 kick w/fins (Lane 5)
200 kick w/fins (Lane 6)4 X 50 kick, NO FINS, either flutter or dolphin kick, rest 20 seconds between each (Lanes 1-4)
2 X 50 kick, NO FINS, either flutter or dolphin kick, rest 20 seconds between each (Lanes 5-6)
100 EZ3 X 100 freestyle, hard @2:00 (Lanes 1-2)  @2:20 (Lanes 3-4)
2 X 100 freestyle, hard @2:30 (Lane 5)
2 X 100 freestyle, hard   rest 30 seconds between each (Lane 6)
200 WD
4400m (Lanes 1-2) / 3700m (Lanes 3-4) / 3100m (Lane 5) / 2600m (Lane 6)